Quaeleon’s Quest

The Play Anywhere, Take Everywhere Strategy Card Game

Defeat your opponents in a fast paced strategy game that you can learn in 5 minutes, and lasts 20.

Sculpt your Hand to Create Killer Combos

Build a stack of 5 cards that play out in front of you against your opponents in a fierce battle to wrest control of the coast of Prima Solcul.

“The person who was apparently winning each game switched quite a few times, and it was never too obvious too early who was going to win. That’s something I especially appreciate in a game.”

Bertie, at HandyCon

Play it Anywhere

Everything you need, in your pocket

“I’d give it a solid 10 out of 10, I think it really needs to get to the market, and everybody needs to enjoy it so please support it.”

Clive Palmer, organiser of Baycon

All you need to play is inside the box. This includes:

  • 100 cards
  • 8 health tracker cards
  • one instruction leaflet

Play on Tabletop Simulator Now

You can now play Quaeleon’s Quest online with friends on Tabletop Simulator.

✅ Fully Scripted
✅ 2-4 Players
✅ All the cards
✅ Completely free
✅ Find players in our Discord

You can find our Discord group here:

How will you play?

Fun & Fantasy

Sculpted Strategy

Front loading the action by choosing 5 cards at once gives the ultimate chance for strategy.

Killer Combos

Combine cards to execute spectacular chains of events to vanquish your foes.

Social Gaming

Stack preparation time gives a great chance for socialisation, especially if some players take longer than others – gone are waiting 20 minutes for your friend Mork to choose their next card. Why not join us on Discord?

Snappy Gameplay

Once stacks are set, turns play out one after the other very quickly, resulting in snappy 20 minute games, and minimal downtime. Quick games let you play anywhere, anytime. Check out the rules now.

Explore the Lore

Discover the tale of Quaeleon’s Quest through the cards. Unique artwork and flavour text provide hints at the events unfurling, with plenty of content to explore on the website, newsletter and social media. Explore the maps of the continent where Quaeleon’s Quest takes place.

Where will you go?

Ultimate Strategy

After 500 years without, magic has suddenly returned to the continent of Prima Solcul, and everyone is scrambling to assemble the greatest magical might, or else suffer under someone else’s tyranny. You must use your cunning and strategy to get the edge on your opponents.

You claim victory over them by depleting their health in a chaotic battle. Players build stacks of 5 cards, which then simultaneously play out in sequence. Each card has unique artwork and effects, which combine to give endless chances for strategy.

But has your opponent already predicted your next move? What will their stack reveal that you hadn’t thought of?

The Story so Far


Quaeleon’s Quest was started in June 2023 and is under active development by ikibiko.games and plans to release in early 2024.

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