A small box strategy game

Inspired by games such as Star Realms and Magic the Gathering, Quaeleon’s Quest is a huge game in a tiny box.

Build a stack of 5 cards from your hand that then plays out against your opponents’ in a fierce battle to determine the winner.

Quick to Learn

Sit down and play within 5 minutes of opening the box.

Highly intuitive and straightforward gameplay compliment well thought out cards and logical rules, meaning you can get to the fun part within minutes.

Strategy and Chaos

A finely tuned balance of strategy and chaos give Quaeleon’s Quest the ultimate potential for engaging gameplay that generates memorable moments.

Addictive Gameplay

Although a game only lasts 20 minutes, you’ll end up playing for hours. “Just one more game” is heard over and over when playing Quaeleon’s Quest.

You’ll want to play it all the time, everywhere – and you can! Designed to be highly portable and take up minimal space on the tabletop, you can play it anywhere.

“I’d give it a solid 10 out of 10, I think it really needs to get to the market, and everybody needs to enjoy it so please support it.”

Clive Palmer, organiser of Baycon

Quick Play

The rules of Quaeleon’s Quest are intuitive and easy to learn – you’ll be up and running in minutes. Here is a basic overview.

From your hand …

… choose 5 cards …

… put them in order …

… place them face down …

… reveal and activate one by one …

… until a victor emerges!

You can find the full rules for Quaeleon’s Quest on our How to Play page.

“It’s intuitive, but at the same time, it’s not anything too out of the ordinary.”

“I think this would be great for the card players we have regularly, or somebody who’s just coming in.”

“This is genuinely been really fun to play, and I think it would be a really nice addition to our gaming café.”

Bella, from the Long Rest gaming café in Canterbury

“The person who was apparently winning each game switched quite a few times, and it was never too obvious too early who was going to win. That’s something I especially appreciate in a game.”

Bertie, at HandyCon