The Game

Quaeleon’s Quest is a strategy card game in a fantasy setting for up to 6 players, lasting 20 minutes.

Your aim is to defeat your opponents by depleting their health in a chaotic battle. Players build stacks of 5 cards, which then simultaneously play out in sequence. Each card has unique artwork and effects, which combine to give endless chances for strategy. But has your opponent already predicted your next move?

The game’s unique format gives ample time for socialisation, and combines strategy with memorable moments, unexpected experiences, and snappy gameplay.

The Lore

There is a vast world behind the game of Quaeleon’s Quest, some of which is revealed in snippets through the card text.

As time goes on the full story of what happened on the continent of Prima Solcul will be revealed.

You can see a map of the continent here for context.

We occasionally write about the lore of Quaeleon’s Quest on our blog and on our social media channels.

The Artwork

A lot of the artwork for Quaeleon’s Quest has been generated using a.i. image generation tools.

Specifically, a lot of time has been spent crafting the perfect images to represent the feel and lore of Quaeleon’s Quest.

The technology used is “Stable Diffusion”, which uses repeated guided noise removal to transform a pure noise image to a specific text prompt.

In addition, traditional artworks are used to guide this process, and an array of image creation and editing tools are used to sculpt and perfect the images.

Hand and digitally drawn artwork is also incorporated into the process, and all of the packaging and card design is done by hand.

The Crew



Lover of strategy, gaming and small trees.

Harry brings a tech background, software skills and a passion for gaming to Quaeleon’s Quest.



Lover of deer, dogs, and all living things.

Sophie brings project management, thorough research and organisational skills to Quaeleon’s Quest.


CMO (Chief Morale Officer)

Lover of fetch, treats and long walks on the beach.

Shadow brings barks, borks and a furious wag to Quaeleon’s Quest 🐶