Category: Lore

  • Meet the Underworld

    Meet the Underworld

    Seedy infiltrators inhabiting the backstreets of Prima Solcul, the Underworld play a pivotal part in most stories of intrigue on the continent. During the infamous Solcul Day riots, many known members of the Underworld were seen rallying crowds of malcontents and setting the seeds of destruction. It is said that the leaders of the Underworld…

  • Meet the Dragons

    Meet the Dragons

    In the world of Prima Solcul, dragons have reappeared, wielding chaos and magic. Dragonborn, humanoids with dragon-like features, serve the dragons. The dragons, like Nummiarth and Daoshen, seek power and followers. They are feared for their destructive retribution towards those who seek artifacts of power. This conflict is central to Quaeleon’s Quest.

  • Meet the Kingsmen

    Meet the Kingsmen

    After magic’s return to Prima Solcul, King Xartan faced a conspiracy accusing his soldiers of hoarding supplies for favor with magic folk. The chaos culminated in a destructive riot during the Solcul Day harvest festival. The city split, and the Kingsmen, though facing defections, remained powerful. Sir Aidan’s leadership weakened due to his sister’s alliance…