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  • Free Stuff – Downloadables, Print at Home, Health Tracker App, and more!

    Free Stuff – Downloadables, Print at Home, Health Tracker App, and more!

    Who doesn’t love free stuff? We sure do – so check out our Free Stuff page today for: Check out the free stuff page now!

  • Free 3D Printable Health Trackers

    Free 3D Printable Health Trackers

    Owners of 3D printers can access free downloadable designs for health trackers via printables.com. These trackers, robust and easy to print, are designed to enhance visibility and utility in games like Quaeleon’s Quest, although they are applicable to any game requiring stat tracking. Feedback and shared experiences are encouraged.

  • Free Card Creator Software – HTML, CSS & JS Based

    Free Card Creator Software – HTML, CSS & JS Based

    Jubbly, a new tool for programmers and game designers, allows easy creation of game cards using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Users can design card decks from CSV files, ensuring compatibility for both digital use and home printing, including CMYK tips. It simplifies card making and enhances game designing. Check it out on GitHub.

  • Test Prints from Ivory Graphics – Review

    Test Prints from Ivory Graphics – Review

    I received my first professional game card prints from Ivory Graphics, UK, and the output was impressive, featuring excellent card stock quality that feels great, shuffles well, and arrives in a stylish box. Despite this, the cards slightly lacked the color intensity seen in my home Canon G650 prints, particularly in the red and blue…

  • We’re going to Baycon

    We’re going to Baycon

    Hey adventurers! 🗡️ This weekend on the 6th and 7th April, Quaeleon’s Quest is making its grand debut at Baycon! 🎉 Our team met the incredible organizer at Handycon (post about that here), and even battled through epic rounds of Quaeleon’s Quest together. 🌠 We’re buzzing with excitement and can’t wait to connect with some seasoned…

  • Paradice 2024 – The Good and the Bad

    Paradice 2024 – The Good and the Bad

    First of all, we want to say a HUGE thank you if you came and playtested with us at Paradice. We had great fun playing with you all, and we can’t wait to see you at the next one! You shared some fantastic feedback with us during the event, and we’ll delve into some stats…

  • Paradice Gaming Convention 10th Feb

    Paradice Gaming Convention 10th Feb

    Join us at Paradice Gaming Convention, Worthing on Feb 10th. Don’t miss our demo table session at 2:30 pm—we’re eager to play a game with you! Share what excites you most about the event. Be sure to follow our post-event write-up and photos. Can’t wait to meet you!

  • Meet the Dragons

    Meet the Dragons

    In the world of Prima Solcul, dragons have reappeared, wielding chaos and magic. Dragonborn, humanoids with dragon-like features, serve the dragons. The dragons, like Nummiarth and Daoshen, seek power and followers. They are feared for their destructive retribution towards those who seek artifacts of power. This conflict is central to Quaeleon’s Quest.

  • Meet the Kingsmen

    Meet the Kingsmen

    After magic’s return to Prima Solcul, King Xartan faced a conspiracy accusing his soldiers of hoarding supplies for favor with magic folk. The chaos culminated in a destructive riot during the Solcul Day harvest festival. The city split, and the Kingsmen, though facing defections, remained powerful. Sir Aidan’s leadership weakened due to his sister’s alliance…

  • Now on Tabletop Simulator

    Now on Tabletop Simulator

    Quaeleon’s Quest is now fully accessible for free on Tabletop Simulator. Players can enjoy playing the game at their convenience.