We went to another convention!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Dice & Destiny: Powell Cotton Tabletop Convention at Quex Park.

It was an absolutely fascinating venue, and we really enjoyed exploring the museum alongside chatting to fellow game enthusiasts and, of course, playing some games!

A great games library was put on by our hosts, the friendly local gaming store Dice & Destiny, based in Canterbury, as well as an extensive bring and buy. We even spotted a rare copy of Tara: Seat of Kings, from our friends at Surprised Stare Games, out in the wild.

We shopped in the dark, thanks to an unexpected water leak and subsequent power cut, but honestly it just made for an atmospheric and memorable experience 😂.

All in all, it was a great local con, a family-friendly day out, and we’ll definitely be stopping by again next time.

Thanks for hosting Dice & Destiny. Don’t forget to support your local game store, y’all! 🎲🃏






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