Fall in Love With These 5 Great Games for Couples

A lot of board games say they can be played by 2 players, but not a lot are actually a good 2 player experience. This will hopefully inspire you with some awesome 2 player games you can play over and over and still have fun, hopefully without falling out!

1: Star Realms

My wife and I must have played 100 games of Star Realms, and we still haven’t grown tired of it. It’s a deck builder with a great blend of strategy and luck, and the games are short and action packed.

It also comes in a tiny, portable box which you can chuck in your bag and play wherever you go, which is a huge bonus and helps you play more.

You can find Star Realms on Amazon here.

2: Jaipur

Buy, sell, trade your camels – Jaipur is another game that’s a great mix of luck and tactics as you and your opponent vie for gold from the communal market. Surprisingly strategic, Jaipur is a nice light game you can play in a small space over 30 minutes, and won’t leave your relationship damaged afterwards.

Find Jaipur here.

3: Monopoly Deal

If you want to remain friendly with your opponent, I suggest skipping Monopoly Deal. A cutthroat property gathering game where you race to get three sets of properties before your opponents, Monopoly Deal is a fresh take on the theme with highly addictive gameplay.

But beware, certain cards let you steal from your opponents and they will NOT be happy for it – so play at your own risk.

Find Monopoly Deal here.

4: OK Play a.k.a Cinco Linko

Ever played a game with just 2 rules? OK Play is so simple, but so addictive, it has a permanent spot in our bag as a go-to travel game. It requires a tiny amount of space to play, and games last only 10 minutes, but what a tense and action packed 10 minutes it will be!

It even comes with a carabiner for attaching to your bag, so you literally can take it everywhere with you. The plastic tiles make it easy to play on any surface, as well – be it on the grass, a park bench, or a pub table. We highly recommend it.

Find OK Play here.

5: Backgammon

A classic, but one that has dwindled to obscurity over the years. The rules will take some getting used to, but backgammon is a surprisingly tactful and nuanced game.

Add to that the fact you can get some very nice travel editions of the game (we have a nice roll up leather edition) and you can play with your partner anywhere you feel like.

Find a nice roll up backgammon set here.

Bonus: Quaeleon’s Quest

Of course, what list of great games for couples would be complete without Quaeleon’s Quest? A soon to be classic of couple gaming, Quaeleon’s Quest is a strategy card game with a twist – you choose your next 5 turns up front and then watch your strategy play out against your opponent.

Endless combinations of cards give it enormous replay value, and the fact that it also comes in a very compact box means you can take it everywhere and play it anywhere.

It’s safe to say if you enjoy any of the games above, you’ll enjoy Quaeleon’s Quest.






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