Meet the Underworld

Seedy infiltrators inhabiting the backstreets of Prima Solcul, the Underworld play a pivotal part in most stories of intrigue on the continent.

During the infamous Solcul Day riots, many known members of the Underworld were seen rallying crowds of malcontents and setting the seeds of destruction.

It is said that the leaders of the Underworld are in turn beholden to a greater force that has increased the desires of the faction tenfold since the return of magic to the Kingdom.

There are many characters with ties to the underworld, but one underappreciated character is Benji, the poor 10 year old boy who started the first fire during the Solcul day riots of 3AR.

The Underworld are one of the base factions in Quaeleon’s Quest that will ship with the core game.

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