Paradice 2024 – The Good and the Bad

First of all, we want to say a HUGE thank you if you came and playtested with us at Paradice. We had great fun playing with you all, and we can’t wait to see you at the next one!

You shared some fantastic feedback with us during the event, and we’ll delve into some stats and figures in a moment, but first…

There were some truly inspirational exhibitors at Paradice, which I can’t help but mention, including:

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Over the course of 4 hours, we played 9 games with 9 different players.

Average Game Length15 minutes 7 seconds
Average Number of Rounds2.1
Average Number of Players2.6
Longest Game Time25 minutes
Shortest Game Time9 minutes
Most Rounds4
Fewest Rounds1
Most Games Played by 1 Person4

Here’s a look at some of our tracker sheets, and notes on the reverse:

Overall, people seemed to enjoy the experience – some key takeaways:

  • It was easy to understand and people picked it up very quickly
  • The pacing of the game was well received
  • The game should present itself as short and snappy – the current feel makes it seem a bit longer/deeper/slower

You uncovered some bugs in the cards, which we will have to go and review.

Yllith (red dragon)

The current effect says “Discard 1 card from the field” – but what if that was itself? Should it discard itself?
Solution: Just re-word it to “You may discard 1 card from the field”.

Xandrake Ritual

The current effect says “Discard 10 cards” and the card gives 8 healing, but what if you don’t have 10 cards? It’s a bit confusing. Solution: Re-word to “Discard your hand” – avoids the confusion.

Looper & Advantage

These cards let you activate a card twice, but how does that work with things like defence? Does that activate twice? And what about ongoing effects? Is it like having two copies of the card, or do you just get the instantaneous effects twice?

This will need to be cleared up in the rules or by re-phrasing the card – we don’t have a solution to this just yet.


This card has always caused confusion – what gets activated twice? Is it the whole card or just the effect? As written, it is just the effect, but people still find it confusing.


We certainly have plenty to think about! Your excellent feedback will be digested over the coming week(s) as we revise and improve Quaeleon’s Quest to be the best it can be!

Until next time ✌️






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