Meet the Kingsmen

When magic returned to Prima Solcul, King Xartan was at the heart of a conspiracy which claimed that his soldiers were hoarding supplies to gain favour with the newly re-appearing magic folk.

This came to a head on Solcul Day in the year 3AR, when the harvest festival led to the most desctructive riot the capital of Lumera had ever seen. The King did nothing to help himself, ordering the riot be quashed as quickly as possible by the King’s guard, the “Kingsmen” as they are known.

Soon, the second largest city in Prima Solcul split off as a faction of their own, electing a high council that would take over leadership from the royals, ousting all the lords, dukes and barons from their newly formed borders.

The Kingsmen themselves are hardly happy with the situation, with many defecting to other factions, leading to a lot of hasty recruitment. However, their intense training leads to effective forces when gathered en masse, even among the newly recruited.

Sir Aidan of Rydell usually leads the Kingsmen into battle, but lately news of his sister Nadia having joined leagues with the newly formed dragon cultists has left his effecitiveness on the battlefield waning.

Kingsmen are one of the base factions in Quaeleon’s Quest that will ship with the core game.

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