Meet the Dragons

One of the first magical races of creatures to re-appear after the return of magic to Prima Solcul, they are as ambitious as they are destructive.

The dragons themselves are able to directly wield the chaos and magic and turn its effects to their whim.

Dragons come in two castes, the true dragons and the dragonborn, a race of humanoid dragon-like creatures.

A single dragon usually lives among a small populace of dragonborn who carry out their bidding. Hedonistic by nature, they adore gathering followers and being revered, so a major task among the dragonborn is recruiting new followers.

Nummiarth is a particularly powerful black dragon who was awoken early on during the resurgance of magic, appearing from deep underground and amassing a large host of dragonborn with which he did his bidding.

Rumours of artifacts of great power have led to many confrontations between people and dragonfolk, with the retribution from the dragons usually being swift and extremely destructive, sometimes at the cost of their own wellbeing.

Dragons are one of the base factions in Quaeleon’s Quest that will ship with the core game.

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